Syringe Barrel

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Model Vinci 1452

The simplicity of the unique, high speed machine indexer and cam based controls makes running and maintaining the Model Vinci 1452 amazingly easy. At typical speeds of 72 parts per minute and higher, you can print millions of parts per year. It is rated for continuous duty, 3 shifts per day, 7 days per week. This makes the Model Vinci 1452 the fastest syringe barrel screen printer in the world.

The system is completely mechanical with no electrical components to burn out or go obsolete. All that is required for maintenance is oil. The machine has been built to last a lifetime.

Included with the machine is automatic loading, unloading, integrated hot air dryer and tooling for your syringe barrels. Changeover between different sizes of syringe barrels within minutes by simply switching the dial.

If you have a new syringe barrel size, just send it over for us to make tooling specific to the new size. We will ship you back a tooling dial that will lock right into place for simple changeover.

Automatic syringe barrel loaders are available. Auto-orientation of syringe barrels as they go through the system is also available. We can customer tailor the machine to your specific syringe barrel printing process.

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