Specialty Machines

Systematic Automation has expanded beyond the standard product lines into manufacturing specialty machines for your production. We not only sell our standard product lines, we build on them and in turn make entirely new categories. When you buy Systematic Automation equipment you are getting quality and precision for your application.

We have perfected the sanding machine and flame treater into a simple and affordable workhorse for your shop floor. Our labor saving machines have been proven to last. They will continue to serve you for years to come. This is an investment in your future that will pay for itself.

Surface Abrading Machine
The Systematic Automation Super Glide is your low cost labor saving solution for consistent sanding or abrading on all types of flat materials such as films and metals.

Rotary Index Base Machine
The NCC Rotary Index Base Machines are designed for unrivaled speed and exceptional productivity. Speeds variable to 7,200 cycles per hour (depending on article) are easily achieved.