The Model F1 is a versatile printer with the capability to print any award medium, whether they be trophy or plaque style. The Model F1 can print both flat and cylindrical mediums for awards. A trophy can have tooling to engage both ends. Points of registration can be made for multiple color printing. You can also print flat awards with the same printer. Tooling can be manufactured for you to place your plaques in. Options such as pop-up pins can be integrated so you can more easily pick up the plaque from the tooling pocket after the print is finished. Components on the Model F1-DC are machined to tight tolerances, allowing you to print multiple colors.

UV conveyors are available if you plan on using UV inks for a faster cure time. Approximate time for curing awards is 1 second. UV curing is ideal for printing awards with multiple colors because of the quick cure time between colors. Contact us to learn more about pairing your award printer with a UV conveyor.

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