Binder Screen Printing Machine

Binders and other office supplies can quickly and easily be printed with the Model F1. Binders and other products to hold documents can easily be printed regardless of your design choice. If you want to print the entire binder, we can manufacture tooling to hold your binder as it is spread open with a lift so the rings in the binder don’t put the binder’s flaps at a 45 degree angle. You must maintain parallelism for an optimal print. The Model F1 also includes the option to increase the maximum stroke to 36″ for the largest binders.

Other document holding products such as folders can easily be printed without any tooling. All that is required for a folder are two pieces of tape on the tooling plate to act as a reference for your operator on where to put the folder prior to each print. You will be able to print approximately 3,000 folders per hour. The only issue you will have is having your operator keep up with the machine.

Binder Screen Printing Machine 1