Pyrosil Treatment Systems

Pyrosil is a proprietary chemical for the pretreatment of glass and cold end coated glassware. The Pyrosil provides a silicate coating on your glassware that is administered via the flame. The coating is thin, yet dense. The result is a chemical bond between your product and its coating. The treated product can even be stored for 1-4 weeks prior to printing with UV inks.

The adhesion promoting silicate coating can also be referred to as a primer. Products that use cold end coating to prevent scratches will be more susceptible to having adhesion problems. These problems include ink flaking off after the print. With Pyrosil, you will be able to put your finished products in an industrial dishwashers and receive back what looks like a freshly printed product.

Systematic Automation Provides affordable Pyrosil treatment systems with engineering incorporated to keep consumables at a low; giving you a machine that will pay for itself in time. SA provides the only single burner Pyrosil treatment system for cylindrical products on the market. The Pyrosil deposit is incredibly quick, leaving the surface temperature relatively moderate for operator pick up.


Typical Applications:


Flame Treatment System

Bottle treater, flame treatment

Model FL – Cylindrical Products

The Model FL will treat all of your cylindrical products with Pyrosil. its universal tooling allows you to treat your products, whether they are flat walled or odd-shaped without any changeover. The Model FL is the first cylindrical Pyrosil treatment system that relies on only one burner for 360 degree coverage. The mechanical indexer only relies on oil for maintenance. Your machine will last you a lifetime.

Bottle Treater – Cylindrical Products

The Bottle Treater has brought Pyrosil treatment to the mainstream pre-treatment. The Bottle Treater uses a 2″ element that relies on the product to be spiraled as it ascends and descends, giving you full coverage treatment. Most generic systems rely on two 12″ burners for 360 degree coverage, making it extremely expensive to run due to the Pyrosil consumables. The Bottle Treater does the job at a fraction of the price.