Keg screen printing

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Keg Printer

Keg screen printing can be easily accomplished with our HLT screen printer combined with our UV spin cure machine. The HLT screen printing machine can print up to 20″ in diameter as well as print up to four colors at the same time on one screen using our multi-color printing attachment. The machine comes with four different sizes of tooling, which makes it ideal for screen printing kegs of different capacities. The print cycle of the keg is initiated by a foot pedal and can be operated in single or auto cycle mode depending on whether you are making adjustments or running full speed production. Our cylindrical curing unit is designed to cure a wide variety of different shapes and sizes.

Standard Features

-Foot pedal cycle start

-Heavy-duty welded steel base with casters

-Squeegee holder

-Flood bar

-Independent squeegee/flood bar height adjustment

-Stroke counter




Demonstration videos of Keg Screen Printer