Screen Printing on Canvas Tote Bags

Systematic Automation has developed a simple solution for screen printing on canvas tote bags on the Model F1. All that is needed is a simple platen to slip on your tote bags. Platens can be configured for vacuum if requested. However, the standard platen is typically all you require for printing your tote bags. Some tote bags are porous (recyclable tote bags) and vacuum will not flatten the material. Typically tote bags are screen printed with a single platen with either a spray adhesive or double stick tape for simple securing of your tote bag on the platen. Platens are interchangeable for different sizes.

The Model F1 can have a print area of  up 20″ x 34″. If your tote bags are made of plastic material and not canvas, which is typically the case for laundry bags, you may find wrinkling problem when screen printing. Even putting on vacuum won’t get rid of the wrinkles. That is why Systematic Automation has made heated vacuum tables. All you do is simply put your laundry bag on the platen and the vacuum coupled with the heat acts as an iron to de-wrinkle your bags in only a few seconds.

Contact us today for any questions on screen printing on canvas tote bags. 

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