Vehicle Decals

screen print decal

Decal films, which are often designed for a specific imaging method (e.g., screen printing, electrostatic imaging, inkjet printing), are usually made of cast or calendered vinyl. The film you use depends on the durability and useful life you expect from the installed graphic. Decal films are generally offered in black,…

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Screen Printing Ink

In printing, the most significant changes have come in the ink department. Ink is constantly changing to fit the needs of changing material. As the material of the substrate changes, so must the ink (typically through additives). For example, fabric manufacturers change dye, finishes, and processing procedures, which can have…

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The Future Of Automation In Screen Printing

———————————————————————— This article first appeared in Screen Printing magazine By Joseph Gilberti Chief Engineer and CEO Systematic Automation Inc. & Marinus Groen Screen Printing Expert Thirty thousand years ago, one of our prehistoric ancestors chewed on some burnt wood from his fire, placed his hand against the wall of the…

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