Pretreating Before You UV Cure

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Decorating your glassware and ceramics have limited printers to using solvent based inks. The solvent based inks tend to stick to the screens (often ripping them), have high VAC & take longer to cure. UV inks were supposed to be the answer to production scale printing and they still are.…

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Printing Your Brewery Glassware


The Brewery industry has been flourishing with entrepreneurs forming their own home brewed concoction into a product for the public. Microbreweries and Macrobreweries need to set themselves apart from the rest in an ever growing category. Screen printing helps set your bottles, pint glasses and other pieces of glassware apart.…

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Screen Printing Machine For Your Growlers

Growler Screen printing

Screen Printing Your Growlers The brewery industry has taken off and Systematic Automation has been inundated with orders. The Model F1-DC is the industry standard screen printing machine for printing your growlers and other brewery products for its modular design and quick changeover. This screen printing machine is designed and…

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Modular Ultraviolet Conveyor

Systematic Automation Inc. Farmington CT. has developed a compact and efficient modular ultraviolet conveyor for curing coatings, adhesives and pigmented inks. It features a curing system with a UV lamp delivering 400 watts per inch of curing power. Touch screen control panel mounts anywhere on your conveyor, machine or system.…

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