Clamshell Printers

We need a descriptive paragraph or a few sentences of content here which describes what a clamshell printer is. What makes them different from other types or some sort of information to distinguish this category from others. It should also clearly define this category, as well.

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  • Model F1-DC

    Clamshell Printers .

    • Capability to print any cylindrical product.
    • Precision system allows for multicolor printing.
    • Quick and easy product changeover in seconds.
    • Approximate throughput of 3,600 parts per hour (depending on article).

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  • Model F1

    Clamshell Printers .

    • Capability to print flat & cylindrical products.
    • Aluminum tooling plate base ground flat within +/- .001” (.025 mm).
    • Micro-adjust knobs located on X,Y location of tooling plate.
    • Pneumatic system cannot overload, burn out, or become obsolete.

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  • Model 810

    • User friendly control panel.
    • Capability to print flat & cylindrical products.
    • Top quality linear ball bearings rated at over 300 million cycles.
    • Pneumatic systems cannot overload or burn out.

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  • MC-1 Manual Screen Printer

    Clamshell Printers .

    • Aluminum tooling plate base, ground flat within +/- .001” (0.025 mm).
    • Universal screen frame holder.
    • Screen frame holder can be separated for cleaning and reattached with no loss of registration.
    • Spring loaded, screen up and down counter balance force adjustment.


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