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Systematic Automation is a leading UV curing machine expert for designing, engineering, manufacturing and installing UV curing systems. We have over thirty years of experience in developing cutting edge technology to the printing and UV curing industry since our inception in 1983.

Our engineers have in-depth knowledge of UV radiation, and automated screen printing systems. Our expertly designed UV curing machines utilize industry standard components and UV lamps constructed for the most effective UV wavelength, or Nanometer (nm), for your application.

We can assist you in determining which type of UV lamp is most appropriate for your curing needs, matching it with the optimum UV curing machine to provide maximum performance with cost saving efficiencies.

Systematic Automation Has a UV Curing Machine for Your Application

With a variety of models to choose from, Systematic Automation has the right UV curing machine for you. We have several standard features incorporated into all of our top of the line UV systems, and can customize any curing machine to fit your current process.

Our Ultra Light UV Conveyor Machine comes with standard features including a user-friendly touch screen interface, revolutionary irradiator design for maximum energy efficiency, adjustable legs for height of the conveyor, a unique conveyor pulley design for hassle free tracking with a Teflon coated belt for long lasting durability. This UV curing machine is perfect for various flat items, with height adjustment up to 3.25” for a variety of products (custom height adjustment available).

Our Cylindrical 360 UV Curing Machine provides extensive versatility in curing a variety of cylindrical and odd shaped substrates. The unique 360° cure range provides consistent overall curing, guaranteed. This curing machine can accommodate items as small as an pen up to gallon size containers. This patented UVSP curing system comes with a unique revolving door design for minimal UV light escapement. The vacuum platens keep all substrates securely in place allowing for consistent 360° cure even on three-dimensional products.

Our highly skilled staff is pleased to assist you in finding the right UV curing machine for your inks, adhesive and coatings curing requirements. We have the experience, the knowledge and resources to provide the right curing machine for your needs, or we will customize a UV curing system to fit your current application.

Systematic Automation, Inc. sets industry standards with high performance UV curing machines for almost any commercial or industrial UV curing application. All machines are rigorously tested for high quality performance prior to shipping. Contact us today for proven effective solutions for your next UV curing machine.

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  • Cylindrical 360 UV Curing Machine

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    UV Curing Systems

    The Model UVSP provides 360 degree uniform UV coverage for your cylindrical products. Featuring all mechanical Geneva drive for easy maintenance and overload clutch for operator safety.

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  • The Bottle Treater – UV & Flame

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    Flame Treatment Systems, UV Curing Systems

    The Bottle Treater is a versatile and low cost system for UV curing and pretreating your bottles. The one system solution for your UV curing & flame treatment.The design enables the product to have a full cure/flame treatment with a 2″ element through its spiral ascension and descent process.This provides you with energy and consumable savings. Your machine will pay for itself! Patents applied for.

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  • Ultra Light UV Conveyor

    Ultra Light UV Conveyor

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    UV Curing Systems

    The Ultra Light UV Conveyor features a Tri-Power 200/300/400 WPI power supply with a revolutionary irradiator design and user friendly touch screen controls.

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