The Bottle Treater

The compact Bottle Treater is a versatile and low cost system for pretreating your bottles. At only a fraction of the price of similar machines on the market, your machine will quickly pay for itself! Patents applied for.


Patents Applied

The Bottle Treater has the versatility to provide flame to your products. You will have a turn-key solution for pre-treatment prior to printing at a fraction of the price from competitors. The machine is made entirely in the United States.

Submit your products or drawing of your products and we will manufacture the individual vacuum chucks for each product. Cost of each chuck tooling is $125.00

Your machine will be shipped ready for production.

If you require Pyrosil for your pre-treatment please visit the Model FL.


  • Low cost, few parts, minimal floor space.
  • A machine you will be proud to bring to your shop floor.
  • Made in USA.
  • Minimal energy consumption. Minimal gas consumption.
  • Spiral ascension and decline allow your product to be treated with smaller energy consumption. Investment savings.
  • Ease of use makes it ideal for unskilled labor
  • The unit can be plugged into a regular 15 AMP wall plug.
  • Heavy duty locking casters for easy system movement.

The Bottle Treater features the revolutionary SA burner.

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Engineering Features

  • Machine tool quality and durability. Designed for continuous duty operation.
  • Modular design for integration of the UV Ultra Light System, LED elements (3rd party support) flame burners & Pyrosil.
  • Extremely rigid all steel mig welded machine structure.
  • Modular design and construction. Customizable.
  • Easy to service and repair. Made from the highest quality and readily available component parts.
  • Joins the league of Systematic Automation machines that remain in service and working since 1983.
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Standard Features

  • Variable product rotating speed with digital display.
  • Variable product ascend and descend speed.
  • Ability to stop rotating and cure square or flat products.
  • Loader & unloader options available.
  • Product holding chucks are low cost and require no tools to change from one product to the next.
  • Products are held in the chuck by vacuum. Vacuum switches on and off automatically.
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Flame Pretreatment

Flame pretreatment improves the surface tension for superior adhesion. The system will come with the option to use a propane or natural gas. The flame system will remove any oil contaminants on the product. Only a 2″ (51 mm) element is required for the treatment (lowers consumable consumption). This is due to the system vacuum holding the product as it ascends and descends while spiraling.

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The Bottle Treater offers integration for UV curing using the Systematic Automation Ultra Light UV System. The system uses a 2″ (51mm) UV lamp which will provide savings in energy consumption and price of consumables. The system provides 360 coverage with its 2″ (51mm) element through the process of vacuum holding the product as it ascends and descends while spiraling.

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