Model LAC-6000 Automatic Screen Printer

The fastest card screen printer in the world.

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Print 5,400 Parts Per Hour

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The Systematic Automation Model LAC-6000 Screen Printer is easily the fastest screen printing machine ever made. The LAC-6000 can print up to 5,400 parts an hour with a repeatability of registration of +/- .001″. It has been designed for production printing of all types of flat materials from .010″ (.025mm) to over 1″ (25mm) thick. The printer has an all mechanical card transfer mechanism to greatly decrease down time due to jamming and a patented escapement making it the most reliable printer on the market.

Of equal importance to the success of your investment is the fact that the LAC-6000 incorporates the highest grade materials and workmanship. The LAC-6000 has few moving parts to insure increased reliability. And reliability assures that your investment will be as prudent as it is productive.

The LAC-6000 is a very versatile tool. You can screen print bright, vivid colors not attainable by standard offset printing. Clear coat finish your parts for the bright and shiny look or with our standard and optional features, you can tailor the LAC-6000 to meet your unique applications.

Engineering Features

  • Print up to 6,00 cards per hour.
  • Repeatability of registration +/- .001″.
  • Print on thickness from .010″ up to .060″.
  • Screen print bright, vivid colors — attainable by offset printing.
  • Print signature panels.
  • Personalize your stock cards.
  • Clear coat finish.
  • All mechanical card transfer mechanism.
  • Patented card escapement.
  • Lube free drive.
  • Many standard and optional features to suit your requirements.

Standard Features

  • Precision harmonic cam operated transfer and squeegee drive mechanism.
  • Quiet regenerative vacuum pump. Brushless, continuous duty.
  • Machine leveling pads.
  • Variable speed, digital AC continuous duty, drive motor.
  • 1/4″ (6.4mm) thick solid alloy vacuum table top. Ground flat within.
  • Slow start adjustment. Brings machine up to operating speed at an adjustable progressive level.
  • Adjustable squeegee skew angle adjustment.
  • Part present detect. Includes omit circuit to stop print cycles if substrate is not position under screen.
  • 6 digit liquid screen resettable counter.
  • Heavy duty X-Y and angular microadjust for screen frame.
  • Automatic screen frame clamp.
  • Stacker overfill limit switch that stops machine before stacker overfills.
  • UV hour meter.


  • Clean wipe dust removal system.
  • Anti-static devices.
  • Special screen frame holders.
  • Elevator type loading device.

Typical Applications

  • Plastic cards, CR80 and CR50
  • Metal or plastic sheet stock
  • Plastic cards
  • Magnetic cards
  • Luggage tags
  • Circuit boards
  • Plaques