NCC.5E Automatic Screen Printer

High speed, PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) controlled, two color printer with built in take-off for your flat products.


A Plentiful Return On Your Investment

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The Model NCC.5E by Systematic Automation, is a multicolor, rotary index table screen printer with an integrated Ultra Light UV System. Now you can print two colors in near perfect registration, at high speed, at an unbelievably low price. Optional larger sizes are available that can print up to 6 colors.The NCC.5E utilizes a single 6″ UV irradiator to cure two colors (the product goes around twice before both colors are cured). This machine is highly efficient, durable, and easy to use. An economy of design, a plentiful return on your investment.

A unique patented PLC control system makes the NCC.5E fast, accurate within +/- .001″ and suitable for continuous operation. You will gain a substantial increase in throughput. You will quickly come to appreciate the time and labor savings the NCC.5E brings to your shop floor.

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Engineering Features

  • Reliable, simple design.
  • Highest Quality servo motor drive and reducer are used.
  • Electronic positioning of extreme accuracy +/-.001″ (.025 mm) at all stations.
  • Hollow Ring™ dial to servo drive coupling is overload crash protected.
  • Hardened, ground, and polished shafts with linear ball bearings rated at over 300 million cycles.
  • Longer life and greater accuracy than mechanical cam driver indexers.
  • Stainless steel shafts, nickel plating, and anodizing are used throughout to resist corrosion.
  • Infinitely adjustable squeegee stroke speed and flood stroke speed.
  • Variable squeegee pressure with gauge.
  • Screen pivots on a precision hinge, away from the print head for access to the squeegee and flood bar, and inside of screen frame with no loss of registration.
  • 100% CAD designed. All parts CNC machined in-house directly from CAD which ensures replacement part consistency.
  • All pneumatic exhaust ports are piped to a common tube for venting out of the production room.
  • Solid, all steel base, aircraft quality Tig welds throughout.
  • Designed for continuous duty operation.
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Standard Features

  • Two 12″ stroke precision printers with controls
  • Overload protection for operator safety
  • X, Y and angular micro-adjust
  • Foot pedal cycle start
  • Dwell timed cycle start, modular automatic take-off device (suction cup type)
  • Welded base with integral front carriage interlock
  • Heavy duty locking casters
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  • Modular automatic take-off device.
  • Three precision dial indicators mounted on X, Y, and angular micro adjustable table.
  • Off contact precision dial indicator.
  • Adjustable squeegee angle.
  • Product present detect system.
  • Pre-registration system for screen exposure.
  • Dual print head for precise squeegee pressure for images 16” (41 cm) or wider.
  • Vacuum table. Anodized top surface available.
  • Anti-static device.
  • Pre-print product cleaning tacky roller.
  • Surface treatment flame, corona or pyrosil.
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Typical Applications

  • Magnetic cards
  • Plastic cards
  • Jar openers
  • Saw blades
  • Frisbees
  • Tin covers (lids)
  • License plate frames
  • Nameplates
  • Key fobs
  • Molded plastic parts
  • Your application
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