ST36/ST48 Semi-Automatic Screen Printer

Print large substrates with the solid features of the Model 810. The Model ST36 & ST48 are perfect for signs, membranes and other large format flat products.


Large Format Printing

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All the features and reliability of the workhorse Systematic Automation 810 Series are now available in a sliding table format flatbed graphics screen printing machine. Models are available in standard sizes of 36″ x 36″ and 48″ x 48″(larger sizes available upon request). The massive construction of this press ensures consistent, super precision printing with reliability.

The Systematic Automation ST36 precision flatbed screen printing machine features a shuttle table design which allows easy substrate access. Standard features of this press include X-Y and angular micro-adjust with dial indicators that allow quick set up without removing your screen, dual print head controls for uniform squeegee pressure, adjustable forced peel, foot pedal cycle start for hands free operation, and high volume vacuum system. The transport system is a sliding vacuum table with precision flatness (.001″ flatness per linear foot) for product hold down.

Shuttle table screen printers have certain advantages over “clam shell” presses. They provide full, unobstructed access to the table when loading and unloading substrates, eliminate ink puddling at the rear area of your screens, and ensure high precision registration. As with all Systematic Automation printers, the finest materials and workmanship are employed throughout.

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Engineering Features

  • Dual print heads for precise squeegee pressure equalization.
  • Machine tool quality and durability.
  • Stainless steel air cylinders.
  • 100% made in USA.
  • Hardened, ground, and polished shafts with linear ball bearings rated at over 300 million cycles.
  • Pneumatic system cannot overload or burn out, or become obsolete.
  • Variable print stroke length.
  • Universal screen mounting.
  • Quick release squeegee holder and flood bar assembly.
  • Vacuum table of aircraft aluminum honeycomb construction guaranteed flat within +/- .001” (.025 mm).
  • Flood bar rises and falls alternately with squeegee.
  • Smooth, quiet operation.
  • Sliding table with overload clutch for operator safety.
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Standard Features

  • Dual print head.
  • X-Y and rotational microadjust.
  • Heavy duty welded steel machine base.
  • Heavy duty locking swivel casters.
  • Removable storage bins attached to base.
  • Foot pedal cycle start.
  • Squeegee holder 36″ (500 mm).
  • Flood bar 37″ (530 mm).
  • Vacuum table.
  • Dial indicators.
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Standard Controls

  • Independent variable squeegee speed.
  • Independent variable flood bar speed.
  • Adjustable print stroke length.
  • Operating pressure adjustment.
  • Foot pedal cycle start.
  • Print/flood cycle machine “waits” in flood position.
  • Air shut-off switch.
  • Forced peel.
  • Squeegee pressure equalization.
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  • Automatic retracting pins in vacuum table.
  • Automatic loading or take-off.
  • Tooling plate (Replace vacuum table).
  • Anti-static device.
  • Pre-print product cleaning tacky roller.
  • Automatic ink dispenser.
  • Stroke counter.
  • Adjustable squeegee angle.
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Typical Applications

  • Metal or plastic sheet stock
  • Membrane switches
  • Plastic cards
  • Luggage tags
  • Plaques
  • Panels
  • Sign blanks
  • Circuit boards
  • Solder paste
  • Name plates
  • Labels
  • Glass and ceramics
  • Decals
  • Heat transfers
  • Binders
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