Ultra Light UV Conveyor

The Ultra Light UV Conveyor features a Tri-Power 200/300/400 WPI power supply with a revolutionary irradiator design and user friendly touch screen controls.



The Ultra Light UV Conveyor Provides Efficiency and Simplicity For Your Application

No other conveyor brings quality, durability, reliability and performance to the market like Systematic Automation. The UV conveyor is designed for curing coatings, adhesives and inks. It features our Ultra Light UV System delivering 400 watts per inch of curing power (tri-power 200/300/400 WPI). Inside and out, Systematic Automation’s conveyors are built to endure the most challenging work environments, providing lasting value and a quick return on your investment. Systematic Automation’s rugged Teflon coated conveyor belts are built to withstand the rigors of daily heavy use, whatever the demands of the jab may require.

Systematic Automation provides OEM support and will design and manufacture a system to meet your customer’s specifications with your company logo and colors.

Our standard UV curing units include UV conveyorized systems for UV curing flat products and UV spin cures for curing cylindrical products (U.S. Patent number #6,397,491 B1). Our pre-engineered UV curing machines are used for UV curable inks, adhesives, and coatings.

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Engineering Features

  • Supply Voltage – (220, 460 VAC) UV lamp, please specify your preference (110 VAC ) PLC & Conveyor.
  • Tri-Power 200/300/400 watt per inch power supply.
  • Touch screen controls.
  • Mercury vapor lamp with Iron additive (D type). Mercury vapor (H type) also available.
  • Revolutionary UV irradiator design for maximum possible energy efficiency.
  • Digital display of conveyor speed, speed easily changed by up/down arrow keys.
  • Programmable scale factor in different units.
  • Standard conveyor speeds 1-50 or 1-10 FPM, specify your preference. Custom speeds available too.
  • Relay output provided for interface to other equipment.
  • Light shielding.
  • Height adjustment for taller products, from 1” to 3.25” in .75” increments.
  • Special teflon coated belt for longer life than conventional belts.
  • Cooling air is drawn through unit by a blower to keep heat sensitive parts from warping or distorting.
  • Unique conveyor pulley design for perfect belt tracking.
  • Modular irradiator has adjustable focal point height.
  • Adjustable legs for conveyor height position from 35.5″ (902 mm) to 42.5″ (1079 mm).

Standard Features

Standard Sizes

  • UV curing system with 6″ UV lamp, 63″ long conveyor, 14″ wide belt.
  • UV curing system with 12″ UV lamp, 63″ long conveyor, 14″ wide belt.
  • UV curing system with 18″ UV lamp, 135-1/2″ long conveyor, 25-3/4″ wide belt.
  • UV curing system with 25″ UV lamp, 135-1/2″ long conveyor, 32-7/8″ wide belt.
  • UV curing system with 30″ UV lamp, 135-1/2″ long conveyor, 37″ wide belt.
  • UV curing system with 40″ UV lamp, 135-1/2″ long conveyor, 47″ wide belt.
  • Larger sizes available.

Industries Served

  • Printing – Screen, Digital & Flexo
  • Medical
  • Industrial
  • Electronics – Touch Panel, Mobile Phone, Etc..
  • Adhesives
  • Automotive
  • Wood – Edge Coating & Roller Coating