Promotional Product Screen Printing

Turnings Your Pennies into Dollars

Promotional printing is an industry that you can count on. People will always want their brand on merchandise and consumerism will only grow. Whether you are printing a large order of plastic cups for an event or pint glasses for a brewery, your return on investment will be exponential.

Let’s take pint glasses for example. You can purchase them for 41 cents per glass and then proceed to sell them for $3.30 per glass. Your investment has grown 8 times. The wholesale providers of your products are a good model for you to follow on pricing. The more a customer orders, the less they have to pay. You still have overhead on that print job, which is the amount for the screen, labor and your facility amenities. The more you print for a job, the higher your profit margin.

Systematic Automation provides the Model F1-DC, two free screens (imaged to your specification) and Universal Wareholder Tooling (see video to the right) all for $7,995 as a bundle starter skit. Contact us today!