Screen Printing Machines for Frisbees

Custom printed frisbees aren't just fun, but everyone will enjoy them at the beach, the park, or right in their back-yard, keeping your customers' branding and logo in circulation for fun and games for years on end.


The Frisbee is an American icon of ingenuity and inventiveness, all starting when Walter Frederick Morrison and his future wife Lucile were offered 25 cents for a cake pan that they were tossing back and forth on a beach near Los Angeles, California. The offer to buy the cake pan led to the creation of the first Frisbee initially called the Flyin' Saucer and then the Pluto Platter. The brand name "Frisbee" came much later in 1957 after the realization that college students had named it. The word Frisbee derived from the Connecticut-based Frisbie Pie Company, a supplier of pies to Yale University, where students had started a campus craze tossing empty pie tins stamped with the company's logo—the way that Morrison and his wife had back in 1937.


Printing custom-branded frisbees will give your patrons something to keep and keep them talking. Get ahead of your competition by custom screen printing your frisbees while saving time and money.

Screen printing machines for frisbees

Why Systematic Automation for Your Frisbees?

Systematic Automation offers Frisbee screen printing machines for new printing businesses to established shops looking to upgrade their machines. We offer an array of custom screen-printing machines built right here in the U.S.A.


The Model F1 is the industry standard for printing on frisbees. Systematic Automation has been manufacturing and engineering screen printing solutions for frisbees. We have had an outstanding response to with our Model F1 and frisbee printing. Tooling is made specific for your product with user designed simplicity. You simply place in your frisbee on the tooling, no need for adjustment. Taking the frisbee off the tooling without touching the ink has never been simpler. Your operator would only touch the side while maintaining precision machining for uniform print placement.


The versatility of the Model F1 allows your print all your promotional products. In our over 30 year history, we have not received an application that could not be printed with the Model F1. With the purchase of this machine, you are buying a system to print on any product, including cylindrical. The tooling offers quick changeover from the Model F1 tooling plate of typically less than a minute. You will have a one stop shop for printing on all of your promotional products with a machine designed for user simplicity and durability.

Printing your frisbees has never been more simple

Model F1

  • Designed for simplicity and precision production.
  • Aluminum tooling plate base ground flat within +/- .001” (.025 mm).
  • Capability to print flat & cylindrical products.
  • Pneumatic system cannot overload, burn out, or become obsolete.
f1, flat screen printing

Screen Printing Machines for Frisbees

  • RC-1 Screen Printing Machine | Flat Products

    Rotary Index Printers .

    • Ideal for license plates, 3D products, shoe insoles and more.
    • Top quality linear ball bearings rated at over 300 million cycles.
    • Smooth acceleration and deceleration of dial motion.
    • Machine can operate in single cycle or fully automatic mode.

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  • Ultra Light UV Conveyor

    UV Curing Systems .

    • Tri-Power 200/300/400 watt per inch power supply.
    • Cooling air is drawn through unit by a blower.
    • Revolutionary UV irradiator design for maximum possible energy efficiency.
    • Unique conveyor pulley design for perfect belt tracking.


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Make the Right Choice for Your Screen Printing Business

Systematic Automation is your choice for professional custom screen-printing machines made here in the U.S.A. We offer an array of custom screen-printing machine models to handle all your printing needs. We also offer UV curing machines, vacuum tables, and heat treatment machines to ensure your printing shop can fill every order. We have experienced technicians that offer support to help set up your machine and any technical questions you have once you start printing. Call or contact us today to speak with one of our expert technicians and choose the right machines for your business.

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