Screen Printing Accessories

Screen Printing Options and Fixtures

We manufacture a variety of specialized tooling fixtures and accessories to adapt and expand the capabilities of your printer. We have designed tooling for many situations, so what might be a custom job somewhere else, at Systematic Automation is a standard option.

Automatic Ink Dispenser
A fully automatic, programmable controller to dispense ink and adhesive.

Adjustable Tilting Squeegee
For the ultimate control of your printing process.

Tacky Roller Cleaner
Modular cleaning system that can be added to inline printers.

Screen Tension Meter
A rugged precision screen tension measuring instrument.

Anti-Static unit
Modular anti-static system for screen printing presses.

Optical Registration System
Precision multicolor printing registration for cylindrical products.

Underscreen Wiper
For wiping the bottom of the screen after doing a print to prevent excess paint from dripping onto the substrate.

Multi-color Printing Attachment
For printing up to four colors in one print cycle.

Plasma-Jet Pretreatment
For pretreating your products with plasma to improve adhesion.

Stackers for small, medium and large size products.


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