Automatic Ink Dispenser

The Ultra Dispense incorporates a fully automatic controller, which is programmable to dispense inks, adhesives, and other liquids directly onto the screen of screen printing presses. The Ultra Dispense allows a controlled and repeatable amount of ink, adhesive, or other liquid to be dispensed.You may integrate the Automatic Ink Dispenser on to any screen printing machine.

The heavy duty pump is capable of viscosities up to 5000 Centipoise. The wetted flow path of the pump is replaceable via tubing, therefore fluids with a short pot life do not damage the pump. In screen printing applications, the controller can be set to dispense after a preset number of print strokes. The Ultra Dispense also features a source low alarm which is set by size of the source container. When the container is low the alarm is sounded. The Ultra Dispense is available as an option on all Systematic Automation screen printers. The controller plugs into a 110 volt outlet. The controller can be signaled to dispense with a 24 volt signal (turn your relay on and off), a proximity sensor that will signal the control which would have a built in power supply, or the controller can convert a pneumatic pulse to the required electrical signal.


  • Pump Speed: Rotate clockwise to increase pumping speed, then push dial to set the speed.
  • Counter: Press the up/down arrows to change the number of cycles before the Ultra Dispense Pump dispenses more liquid, then press the “mode” button to set the desired number. Press the “mode” button a second time to get to the “batch” screen. Use the up/down arrows to change the number to the desired amount of dispenses before the alarm signals to notify that the liquid is low, then press the “mode” button to set the desired number.
  • Power ON/OFF: Powers the Ultra Dispense Pump
  • Primer: Press this button to cycle the pump to prime the liquid through the dispensing hose.
  • Alarm: This will sound when liquid levels are low. This is dependent on the set “batch” count number set by the operator.

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Adjustable ink deposit speed.