Rotary Index Base Machine

Systematic Automation is proud to open a new era in the history of rotary index assembly machine technology. The NCC Rotary Index Base Machines are designed for unrivaled speed and exceptional productivity. Speeds variable to 7,200 cycles per hour (depending on article) are easily achieved. This advanced machine is the result of a combination of highly developed technologies.At the heart of the machine is the Systematic Automation HollowRing™ high speed, super precision indexer. Machine motion is managed by a programmable servo motor drive. A touchscreen operator station interfaces with an industrial PC or PLC for primary control applications. These machines can be built to suit your application ready for tooling or turnkey.

Modular assembly components can be mounted to the massive steel base plate. The NCC features a patented servo motor drive with zero backlash. This combined with precision machining assures ultra high accuracy. The table position will repeat within +/-.002 inch and will not degrade with use.

Rotary Index Base Machine Standard Features

• Reliable, simple design.
• Smooth high speed operation.
• Machine tool quality and durability.
• Highest quality servo motor drive and reducer are used.
• Modular design permits easy modification and integration.
• Electronic positioning of extreme accuracy (+/-.002″), at all stations, regardless of index table diameter.
• Easy to replace optically isolated modules.
• HollowRing™ Dial to servo drive coupling is overload crash protected. No damage to machine drive if rotation is obstructed.
• Excellent accessibility.
• 100% CAD designed. All parts CNC machined in-house directly from CAD which ensures replacement part consistency.
• Class 100 clean room capable.
• Solid, all steel base, aircraft quality tig welds throughout.
• Designed for continuous duty operation.
• Longer life and greater accuracy than mechanical cam driver indexers.
• Indexing table movement and number of stations is programmable.
• Environmentally sensitive coatings used in manufacture.
• Nickel plating, and anodizing are used throughout to resist corrosion.
• Automatic parts handling devices.

Rotary Index Base Machine Optional Features

• Various vacuum systems.
• Anti-static dust removal systems.
• Various touch screen options in place of standard track ball control.
• Vision systems.
• Light curtain, anti tie down, multiple hinged interlocked door type machine guarding or electric floor mat safety guarding.
• Complete system integration.

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Rotary Index Base