Mug Printing Machine

The Model F1 mug printing machine can be tooled to print a wide variety of different mugs such as glass, ceramic and more! Design of the mug printer machine provides superior print coverage by allowing the handles to raise 45 degrees on each side. This precision mug printing machine has machined components to tight tolerances for increased print registration. Printing multi color designs on a mug has never been so simple. Options such as mechanical pointers may be used to assist in registration. Also standard on the Model F1 is the hinged screen frame holder feature, which allows the operator to clean the screen without losing registration. The handle for your mug can also be used as a point of registration for the product.

Mug Printing Has Never Been So Simple!


Mugs are the go to product for your customer’s hot beverages such as coffee and tea. These beverages tend to stay with the customer longer than a typical glass of water. This is the time for your branded mug to make an impression on the end user. Mug are being more cleverly designed for the operator to have an attachment to the piece of drinkware. Mugs date back to 6,500 BC and have been decorated ever since. Now, the decorating of mugs isn’t to the foundation of the mug but rather, the design on the cup.

You can print UV and solvent based inks with the Model F1 mug screen printing machine. UV inks are ideal for high production due to their fast curing capability (approximately 1 second). Solvent based inks take longer to cure but have better adhesion once completely cured. The Model UVSP is ideal for instantly curing your printed mugs.

Mug Screen Printing Machine Fully Customizable


Designed to grow your business, Systematic Automation offers ­literally ­hundreds of attachment combinations to accommodate future applications. The addition of ­modular ­components easily upgrade the F1 to fulfill increased ­production and ­customization demands.

mug screen printing machineThe Model T8-SS coffee mug printing machine may also be tooled to print your mugs automatically. Attachments such as loaders, unloaders and flame pretreatment may be added to the Model T8-SS. The Model T8-SS is a compact profit center designed for years of dependable service. Now you can control production output and quality while cutting your labor costs, all with a machine that is easy to use and easy to service. Set-up from one product to the next becomes less a matter of skill and more a matter of setting pre-determined values. This reduces your need for a skilled machine operator and makes screen printing a repeatable process.

Systematic Automation is a leading manufacturer of screen printing machines utilized worldwide in a multitude of applications.  We provide a wide selection of machine types for any screen printing applications and options with custom designed solutions available from skilled engineers. Contact us today to learn more about our mug printing machine solutions.

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