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Printing should be the most profitable part of your business. What you need is a total printing solution. Systematic Automation Inc. is the world’s foremost supplier of low cost, precision screen printing machines, with over 10,000 installations up and running in dozens of industries. No other vendor can offer as potent a combination of cutting-edge machinery. And no other vendor can bring it all together so seamlessly, giving your decorating team the tools and the know-how they need to get the work done. Now you can deliver your decorated products faster, better, and at a lower cost. If the business decisions are yours, the printing system should be ours. Questions? Call 860-677-6400, extension 112. Call, we’ll talk.

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Clamshell Printers

Model F1-DC
The Model F1 series machines are known in the industry as “The most reliable screen printing machine ever made”. Brilliantly
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Model 810
Designed for printing all types of flat & cylindrical products, the Model 810 series is a reliable clamshell type printer
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MC-1 Manual Screen Printer
The Model MC-1 Precision Manual Screen Printer is an excellent machine to begin your move up to versatile high precision
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Model F1, Screen printing machine
Model F1
The Model F1 is one of the most popular Systematic Automation screen printing machines. There are no electrical components to
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Harmonic Lift Printers

keg printer, kegs
Model KEG
The Keg Screen Printer combines design simplicity, versatility and quality craftsmanship to create a system that will repeatedly get the
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Model HLT
The Harmonic Lift Table printer lifts the product to the screen, which remains in a fixed position. The HLT adapts
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Turret Motion Printers

vinci, cylindrical, screen printer
Model Vinci 1452
A high-speed, automatic, turret motion screen printing machine for cylindrical substrates, which features an integrated air dryer, automatic loading and
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Model PT-8
A high-speed, low cost, turret motion machine for a wide range of cylindrical products. Continue reading
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The Koozie Printer offers a servo driven unloader for collapsible koozies which removes them from the Koozie Printer and then
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t8-ss, cup printer
Model T8-SS
The Model T8-SS is a fully automatic screen printer for cylindrical products. It features automatic loading and unloading, pretreatment, and
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Sliding Table Printers

Model ST Series
The sliding table ST-20 provides full unobstructed access when printing your products. Continue reading
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ST36/ST48 Semi-Automatic Screen Printer
Print large substrates with the solid features of the Model 810. The Model ST36 & ST48 are perfect for signs,
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Model SST Automatic Screen Printer
Model SST
Servo controlled, sliding table multicolor precision screen printing press with UV integration and the option to automatically change the sequence
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In-Line Printers

belt print, screen printer, screen printing machine, conveyor belt printing
Print Belt Screen Printing Machine
Automatic screen printing has never been so simple and modular. Continue reading
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Model Super ROI
This precision one to six color screen printing machine can accommodate a wide variety cylindrical products. Continue reading
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card printer, screen printer, cc-5000, systematic automation
CC-5000 Automatic Card Printing Machine
This machine offers rapid and reliable performance. Pneumatic operation and fully automatic feed make it ideal for printing your plastic
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sx, screen printer, multicolor, systematic automation
Model SX
The Model SX delivers a completed multi-color print with every cycle. Fast. Accurate. Rugged. Print two to six colors with
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Rotary Index Printers

RC-2 Multicolor Screen Printer
Model RC-2
A two color, dependable, high-speed indexing machine, this model offers great flexibility and optional take-off devices to suit various flat
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rc-1, screen printing machine
Model RC-1
The RC-1 uses an all mechanical Geneva indexer with a brilliantly simple overload clutch. The Geneva indexer provides harmonic (smooth
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NCC.5E Automatic Screen Printer
High speed, PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) controlled, two color printer with built in take-off for your flat products. Continue reading
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Model NCC Automatic Screen Printer
Model NCC
The Model NCC is the ultimate precision screen printing machine, utilizing a precision high speed indexer with precise UV curing
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microscope slide screen printing machine
The Systematic Automation Microscope Slide Printer is fully automatic and allows you to produce perfectly printed slides in exact order
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Screen Printing Machines – Solutions For Every Industry

screen printing machines

Systematic Automation was founded in 1983 and quickly became the industry leading experts in screen printing machines, manufacturing a new versatile design and winner of the Screen Graphics Golden Image Award, the Model 810 semi-automatic precision screen printer. This clamshell flatbed screen printer is the heart of all subsequent Systematic Automation screen printing machines, and is still in use today with an hourly throughput of 3,600 cycles per hour, 100% pneumatic (no electrical components to go obsolete) with quiet and simple operation.

Our next design of the Model CC-5000 screen printer set the standard for automated screen printing with successful efficient printing on various flat items such as plastic cards, revolutionizing the screen printing industry. The CC-5000 comes with a design that is still utilized today after over 30 years of successful production, offering quick and simple changeovers, rapid and reliable performance at a low cost.

Since our inception over thirty years ago, we have designed, engineered and manufactured over twenty various models of screen printing machines providing versatility and efficiency in many industries around the globe. We have developed several patented and proprietary products, continuing to deliver cost effective and simple solutions for automating your screen printing production process in various applications including electronic, promotional automotive, aerospace, advertising, and pharmaceutical, to name only a few.

Value Added Benefits of an Experienced Screen Printing Machine Supplier

Systematic Automation is the largest supplier globally of screen printing machines in addition to proven solutions for UV curing systems for inks, adhesives and coatings, with designs utilizing high-grade components for long life and hassle free maintenance. We maintain a modern state-of-the-art facility of over 40,000 square feet for clean precision assembly and every department is air conditioned and humidity controlled.

We have dedicated assembly areas with small machine assembly lines utilizing the latest in technology and components to provide you with top of the line industry screen printing machines. Our dedicated team is focused on providing you with the best screen printing machine available on the market today.

Systematic Automation goes above and beyond the normal supplier of screen printing machines in that we also provide you with one full free day of training, and offer continual phone support to ensure your printing project is a success. We can also customize auxiliary equipment such as conveyor belts for a more automated and cost effective solution.

At Systematic Automation, our main focus is to provide you with a simple and cost effective printing solution. Providing automation and efficiency equates to large cost savings for your process. Call Systematic Automation today to learn how you can improve your printing process with our precision screen printing machines.

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