F1-DC Semi-Automatic Screen Printer
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F1-DC Semi-Automatic Screen Printer

The Model F1 series machines are known in the industry as “The most versatile screen printing machine ever made”. Brilliantly simple. Easy to operate. And versatile. This is a machine you will be proud to bring to your shop floor.

Product Description

The Right Solution For Every Industry

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You’ve got a business to run – jobs to get done and payroll to make. We ­understand those pressures and it shows in the machines we design and build. The Model F1-DC Precision Screen Printer will be an asset for your ­business that will keep paying for itself for years to come. The Model F1 series machines are known in the industry as “The most versatile screen printing machine ever made”. Brilliantly simple. Easy to operate. And versatile.

With each F1 comes the experience and know how from our dedicated team of professionals to specify the right options from our library of hundreds of standard attachments. Systematic Automation invented the quick change dedicated tooling system that allows your operators to go from one product to the next in literally seconds. Without adjustments in screen height, centerline of squeegee, image alignment, etc.. This all but eliminates the need for skilled operators. Call to find out more about the SA quick changeover system.

Changeover ­between ­different products is a simple 30 second process. Fulfill your ­orders, while ­decreasing your labor cost with the machine’s quick throughput of 3,600 ­parts per hour (depending on application). Whether your ­business ­involves short runs or high volume production, Systematic Automation’s ­semi-automatic machines deliver for both the silk screen technician and shop manager.

Why Choose the Model F1-DC

The Model F1-DC offers you versatility to print any cylindrical product. From a shot glass to a growler, you can print it all. Changeover between products will take you less than a minute. No skilled labor needed. Tooling can be made to suit your business needs. For instance, if your product line is constantly changing, our universal wareholder tooling is just what you need. Mechanical and optical registration are just a few of the options available to tailor the machine for your production.

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Engineering Features

  • Capability to print any cylindrical product.
  • Precision system allows for multicolor printing.
  • Quick and easy product changeover in seconds.
  • Simple design allows for unskilled labor.
  • Approximate throughput of 3,600 parts per hour (depending on article).
  • Machine tool quality and durability.
  • Aluminum tooling plate base ground flat within +/- .001” (.025 mm).
  • Hardened ground and polished shafts with linear ball bearings ­rated at over 300 million cycles.
  • 100% air operation.
  • Pneumatic system cannot overload or burn out, or become obsolete.
  • Universal screen mounting.
  • Hinged rear screen frame holder to provide quick access to screen, squeegee and flood bar.
  • Quick release squeegee holder and flood bar assembly.
  • Smooth, quiet operation.

Standard Features

  • Heavy-duty X, Y, and angular ­micro adjust table.
  • Variable squeegee speed.
  • Variable flood bar speed.
  • Flood bar.
  • Foot pedal cycle start.
  • Adjustable print stroke/print flood length.
  • Print/flood cycle – machine “waits” in flood position.
  • Overhead carriage screen lift switch.
  • Heavy-duty welded steel base with casters and tote bins.


Typical Applications