Pyrosil For Your Ink Adhesion

Pyrosil has become the industry standard to attaining adhesion that would otherwise be unattainable through standard flame. That is not to say that flame pre-treatment does not have a purpose, it also improves surface tension and cleans the glass of oils and contaminates. Pyrosil expands on this and provides a silicate coating to the drink ware that is being pretreated.

Pyrosil,pretreatment, flame

Pyrosil is typically used for glassware, although there are many additional pieces of drink ware that will have poor surface tension. It is also ideal as a pre-treatment for UV inks, which typically doesn’t last through dishwashers or simply scratches off after the print. Glassware manufactured almost always will have a coating applied to it so that it doesn’t scratch. This coating will decrease the print adhesion. Pyrosil remedies this by providing the silicate coating over the coating that was applied during manufacturing. The additional coating is invisible to the eye. The flame will also rid the product of any oil or contaminates that are on your product. Our Model FL is the best value in the market for applying Pyrosil.